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Why is my hair falling out in clumps!?!

Covid Hair Loss is the Real deal

One of the aftermaths of COVID19 has been numerous people suffering hair loss. This is a condition called telogen effluvium[1].

Telogen effluvium is stress induced hair loss and for those who had experienced the disease COVID19 the stress on the immune system not to mention the psychological stress was an issue. This phenomenon occurs 2-3 months post Covid19 expression. This condition can also occur postpartum, during long periods of starvation or poor diet, post-surgery, or because of an autoimmune condition.

How to grow back those luscious locks!

First and foremost, nutrition is key. Taking a daily multivitamin like Opti MitoEnergy is necessary to replenish the body of essential vitamins. It is also important to have the right forms of the ingredients, the right amounts and nothing else. Quality matters when you are taking something daily. You want an effective, clean supplement that gets the job done.

Collagen along with MSM work synergistically to help restore connective tissue such as your hair, skin and nails. Dr. Sherri recommends Opti Collagen with Opti MSM for optimal results.

Last, supporting the sympathetic nervous system (this is your fight or flight response) is recommended. Dr. Sherri likes Adrenamax adrenal support. This apoptogenic herb works with your body to modulate the stress response.

Post COVID hair loss can be upsetting but with the right nutrients you can have a beautiful head of hair in no time.

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