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Thyroid Health

It is estimated that as many as 59 million Americans have unrecognized and under treated thyroid problem. The thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland located in the neck, is the master gland of metabolism. When your thyroid doesn’t function, every aspect of your health, is effected.

Since an undiagnosed low thyroid condition, can dramatically increase your risk of obesity, heart disease, depression, anxiety, hair loss, sexual dysfunction, infertility and a host of other symptoms and health problems, it’s important that you don’t go undiagnosed.

At Tenpenny IMC, we treat hypothyroid (low thyroid), hyperthyroid (high thyroid) conditions and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, a chronic inflammation of the thyroid gland.In addition, we extensively use iodine for treatment both conditions.


Iodine Food List

Food List for Increasing Iodine In Your Diet

High Iodine Foods

* Seafood and sea products: fish, shellfish, seaweed, seaweed tablets, kelp, seasalt
* Dairy products: milk, cheese, cream, yogurt, butter, ice cream.  Animals secrete  dietary iodine in their milk, animal feed often contains iodine, and iodine products are used to clean udders of cows
* Egg yolks and whole eggs
* Some bakery products (however, most have BROMINE instead…not good!)
* Chocolate and cocoa powder may have iodine
* Soy products contain some iodine
* Beans: red kidney, lima, navy, pinto and cowpeas
* Potato skins
* Rhubarb

Moderate Iodine Foods  Content of iodine vary

* Chicken, beef, pork, lamb, veal
* Rice
* Whole grains

Low In Iodine

* Fresh fruits and fruit juices, raisins, apples, grapes, melon, etc.
* Fresh vegetables
* Unsalted nuts and nut butters
* Oils and salad dressings

Taken from food lists. Completed September 26, 2004

iodine food list

Iodine Testing

Discussing the release of an important document, “Vaccines: Get the Full Story”, released by Natural News on February 1, 2011.

Listen Live:

iodine testing
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