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"I have been allergic to mold/indoor dust for years. In addition, I have had a severe (anaphylactic) allergy to latex/rubber for almost 30 years. Last week while in a store, did not even notice, at all, that the room was filled with tires! Before the SRT, I would not have been able to stay in that room for 2 minutes, but last week, I was there for at least 15 minutes before I even noticed the tires!! No more obnoxious reaction to the smell of rubber – no wheezing, no red rashes. What a blessing, answer to prayer!! The treatments are non-invasive and incredibly effective. Thank you Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center for your wonderful, effective, kind and helpful care."   


Melinda D., Warren, Indiana

Allergy Elimination – SRT

Eliminate Symptoms of Allergies with Our Tenpenny Sensitivity Reduction Technique (T-SRT)

NOTE: One of the most important functions of T-SRT is to strengthen your immune system. It does this based on principles of acupuncture, a procedure proven to regulate functions of the human body. In addition to its known ability to alleviate pain and help with infertility, acupuncture also delivers its efficacy through the innate immune system. The results of acupressure, the modality used in T-SRT, has been clinically demonstrated at Tenpenny IMC to accomplish the same thing.

Listen to Tenpenny IMC's Approach to Allergy Elimination

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Allergies are the most common ailment in our country today. Over 60% of Americans — an estimated 90 million people — suffer from food and environmental allergies. Until recently, food allergies were only thought to cause immediate problems — like a peanut allergy or shellfish that often cause anaphylaxis (hives, swelling and passing out.)

As it turns out, most people have another type of food allergy, called a delayed-type sensitivity. That means the reaction to the food may not appear until later — sometimes 72 hours (three full days) after you have eaten the offending food. That makes it nearly impossible to determine the connection between the symptom and a food.   Most of us are familiar with common allergens such as pollen, ragweed, dust, mold, some foods (such as dairy or wheat), or certain animals (such as a cat or dog). The symptoms we commonly think of as allergic reactions are sneezing, hives or a runny nose. In severe cases, an allergic reaction can be an asthma attack or a bout of gas, including cramping and diarrhea.

Do you experience any of these:

  • Frequent abdominal cramps, gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation?

  • Acid reflux (GERD), ulcerative colitis, or Crohn`s disease?

  • Joint pain, muscle aches, fibromyalgia or chronic, relentless fatigue?

  • Asthma, ezcema, psoriasis, unknown rashes or limb swelling?

  • Unexplained and uncontrollable fatigue after meals?

  • Brain fog, forgetfulness, lack of focus, short attention span, ADD or ADHD?

  • Headaches or irregular heart beats?

  • Frequent colds, flus and infections?

All of these — and more — can be symptoms of unrecognized and untreated food or environmental allergies and a weakened immune system.   Allergy Elimination at Tenpenny IMC combines the techniques of Dr. Devi Nambudripad, Dr. Ellen Cutler, DC, MD and Dr. Carolyn Jaffe with our own unique “secret sauce”. Our allergy elimination protocol is called T-SRT or SRT (Tenpenny`s Sensitivity Removal Technique). Tenpenny IMC is one of the best known and most successful allergy elimination clinic`s in the U.S.

In fact, we've had patients from 38 states and 9 countries come to our clinic to go through this program.

How Can T-SRT Eliminate My Allergy Symptoms?

The allergy elimination treatment combines the best of the three medical sciences that most effectively evaluate and treat the energetic systems in the body: kinesiology, homeopathy and acupuncture/acupressure.   Kinesiology testing is used to determine which allergen you are sensitive to. For the best results, it is essential to eliminate the allergic response to allergens in a specific order.    All  T-SRT patients first complete the three treatments: 1) rebalance blood/organs; 2) phenolics; and 3) address the food particles – fats, proteins, carbohydrates and sugars. We refer to the first three treatments as the Foundation Treatments because they are important to complete before addressing specific allergens. When the Foundation Treatments are completed first, we have found that fewer total treatments are required (12 to 15 instead of 100s). In addition, after the first three treatments, it is possible to neutralize several allergens at one time during a single office visit.

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Call today to schedule a free, 15 minute phone consultation to see if allergy elimination and T-SRT is right for you.

What Does the Treatment Involve?

While you are in contact with the allergen, a series of acupuncture points along the spinal are activated to open the energy channels connected to the central nervous system.  A series of specific acupuncture points on the arms and legs are “activated” to open all the meridians flowing through the body. You will be asked to rest quietly on the treatment table holding the allergen for 15 minutes as part of the treatment.

After your treatment you will be asked to maintain a strict avoidance of that allergen for 3 hours. In addition, you will be told to avoid all food and beverages for 3 hours after the treatment.
Be sure to eat prior to each appointment.

The actual treatment is painless and seems simple. However, it is EXTREMELY powerful and effective. We are causing changes that will affect your entire physiology. Side effects may include headache, sweating, nausea, emotional releases, etc. Even though these reactions are very uncommon, if they persist more than 48 hours, be sure to call the clinic for further instructions.

How Long Will the Treatment Last?

Historically, it is reported that nearly 86% of our patients who complete the full program of 12-15 treatments are entirely relieved of all allergy-related problems. These are better odds than any other treatment available in medicine. Tenpenny IMC’s own patient survey data has indicated that 92% of respondents found significant to moderate health improvements. We’re very proud of our results and the health that has returned to our patients.

After the completion of the T-SRT program, we strongly encourage an annual checkup, referred to as a “box check.”  A Box Check serves two purposes: 1) to keep your acupuncture systems “clear” of allergens and symptoms; 2) to be sure no new allergens are starting to accumulate in your energy systems and 3) locks in the time and finanical committment you have made.

Can SRT Help Me?

While no treatment works 100% of the time for 100% of patients, T-SRT has been very successful.

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