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Which Pandemic Assumptions do YOU accept as Facts?

By now the whole world is aware of the corona virus (COVID-19) epidemic/pandemic. The daily news outlets are bombarding us with the story so that even the most well informed and least fearful of us are likely to fall prey to the propaganda.

There are many theories circulating as to the origin of the outbreak. In brief, here are just some I have heard:

-It is a natural, lethal mutation of a regular corona virus, the virus that historically causes about 50% of cases of “the common cold.”

-It is a virus that “jumped” from wild animals being sold in a seafood market in Wuhan, China.

-It is a virus that “jumped” from lab animals that were sold by lab workers in Wuhan, China, for extra money, after being used in experiments involving corona viruses.

-A corona virus was adulterated in a bio weapons lab to be used as a weapon in biological warfare. It “escaped” or was released on purpose.

-The people of Wuhan, China were radiated with 5G radiation and that is what’s killing them, not the virus per se.

-The “escaped” virus was part of an effort to create a corona virus vaccine.

-COVID-19 is an adulterated virus that contains AIDS causing viral material or other foreign viral material.

-And my personal favorite: The people of the Wuhan, China area were given a new (experimental) corona virus vaccine some time in the past year. The vaccine is faulty and causes a cytokine storm (a hyper response of the immune system) when the recipients subsequently contract a normal corona virus (something that happens to many of us every “cold and flu season”). It is the cytokine storm that kills the victims, not the corona virus per se.

The bottom like is that none of us ordinary citizens really know the origin of the so called COVID-19 virus and the evolving pandemic it is causing. There may be someone somewhere who knows the truth, but none of use are going to find it out any time soon.

It is fair to say that the fear and propaganda being engendered by this outbreak are more contagious and dangerous than the actual virus itself, if it even exists. The fear has captured the consciousness and imagination of the world, and not in a good way. The propaganda is spreading far and wide.

They have tried in the past to scare us with the prospect of deadly pandemics. Recall anthrax, SARS, MERS, Zika, bird flu, swine flu, and measles. None of them have quite caught on as well as the current seizure of fear surrounding COVID-19 that is gripping the world. We are having quarantines and restrictions placed on us, and we are placing them on ourselves, both in reality and metaphorically. People are cancelling travel plans. Disposable masks are selling out. States of emergency are being declared in areas that do not even have cases of the virus yet.

I recommend stepping back from the fear. Fear weakens us, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and also physically. The powers-that- be want us to be fearful so we are weaker and more under their control. A state of fear is what allows vaccine programs to succeed. If we live in constant fear of microbes, we are more likely to grasp at a solution — such as a vaccine or an antiviral drug — that seems easy to access and a sure way to avoid succumbing to the microbe in question. I can assure you that this approach could not be further from the correct solution. Conventional vaccines never have, and never will, protect us from viral or bacterial infections.

While vaccines may temporarily suppress the expression of an infection, there is a price to be paid for this short term effect. Examples of this are strain mutation and evolution leading to infections that are not covered by the vaccine (pertussis, pneumococcus, human papilloma viruses); “silent” infections that do not manifest symptoms but can be spread in infective form to others (pertussis); and the “shedding” of infectious viruses that can occur after administration of live virus vaccines (measles, oral polio, influenza).

This fact cannot be overstated: vaccination was a failed and harmful technology from the beginning and remains a failed and harmful technology today. An important step in avoiding the fear and panic surrounding COVID-19 is to know that a vaccine will never be the solution and that you should never willingly take a coronavirus vaccine (or any other vaccine for that matter).

At the same time that we reject fear of the virus and the hype surrounding it, it is wise to take steps to promote and secure our own good health. Since we live in a world out of balance, and cannot count on accessing all of the necessary nutrients we need from nature, these health promoting steps are a good idea all the time, not just in times of panic and fear over a specific health threat such as COVID-19.

It is prudent to follow the conventional advice of staying home when sick, coughing into your elbow, washing your hands, and similar measures. It is also a great idea to avoid food additives, sugars, and packaged processed foods since they are devoid of healthy nutrients.

The next step to take is to bolster our immune systems with health-promoting supplements. I like the idea of getting the nutrients we need from our food, but these days food does not contain what it is supposed to… even if you are buying the best organic products you can find. Therefore I believe supplements are necessary for optimal functioning.

Below are some general recommendations for important nutrients to keep on hand and use when needed. Please remember that each person is an individual, so how much of various supplements to take, how often, should ideally be discussed with your own practitioner.

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol): This is a very important nutrient, as approximately 10% of our genome interacts with it. We are supposed to form vitamin D (along with other photo-nutrients) in our bodies in response to sun exposure. Since many people cannot spend time in the sun in an area with a clear atmosphere, many people are vitamin D deficient. A general recommendations on dosing vitamin D3 is 1,000 iu (international units) per 25 lbs of body weight per, day. The dose can be doubled for a few days when sick or after exposure to an infection. It is a good idea to have your level checked with a simple blood test to know if you are deficient. I recommend a level of 60-90 for optimal health.

Vitamin C: Most members of the animal kingdom produce this important nutrient in their own bodies, but humans, along with a few other species, do not have this capacity. Therefore, unless you have access to fresh tropical fruits on a regular basis, you most likely have a deficiency of vitamin C. Like vitamin D, vitamin C contributes to many functions in the body, including a well-functioning immune system. There are several forms of vitamin C and many brands. Liposomal vitamin C is well absorbed and less likely to cause GI upset than non-liposomal forms. It is available in capsules and gel-like liquids. Another form of vitamin C, sodium ascorbate, comes in powdered form and is inexpensive and easy to mix into liquids. Some sources recommend dosing at 1,000 mg per year of age, per day, for children, with a maximum dose of about 5,000 milligrams at a time. When sick, this dose can be taken frequently throughout the day as the body metabolizes vitamin C very quickly. It is important to hydrate well when taking vitamin C.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is a known treatment for measles, but it is not helpful for only measles. It helps our immune systems fight other viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections as well. For treatment of measles, the World Health Organization recommends the following doses: 50,000 IU once daily, for 2 days, for infants under 6 months of age; 100,000 IU once daily, for 2 days, for infants 6-11 months old; and 200,000 IU once daily, for 2 days, for those 12 months and older. These large doses can be used for other viral infections as well. But we don’t only need vitamin A in times of a health crisis; we need it all the time, so more modest doses can be used daily, for example 1,000 IU daily. Since it is fat soluble and can accumulate in the body, vitamin A should not be used every day indefinitely, especially in large doses.

Medicinal mushrooms: I love immune immune-supporting, medicinal mushrooms and credit them with helping me stay healthy during the illness season. There are several brands of capsules and liquids that can be obtained through your doctor or at a health food store. In addition to being antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral, mushrooms are also anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-tumor, and more.

Iodine: Iodine is often overlooked as an important nutrient for maintaining a properly functioning immune system. It is necessary for many functions in the body including the healthy functioning of our membranes, including membranes of the lungs, GI tract, and sinuses. Iodine deficiency is very common, as much of the soil in our country is depleted of this essential element. An excellent way to take iodine, in a natural, holistic form, is by eating sea vegetables such as nori, kelp, dulse, or others. Sea vegetables can also be found in capsule form for those who prefer to ingest it that way. Pure iodine can also be obtained as liquid, tablets, and capsules available. Having your level tested is a good idea, especially if you are taking no supplement or if you are taking larger doses (over 10 mg).

Colloidal silver: Colloidal silver has antibiotic properties and can be ingested, used to “wash” areas of the body, such as the eyes or nose, and can also be nebulizer (inhaled). I have heard of cases of pneumonia and bronchitis being successfully treated with inhaled colloidal silver. Colloidal silver can of course be purchased, but some people purchase their own colloidal silver generators so they can make their own at home.

Homeopathy: The importance of homeopathy for treating viral and even bacterial infections cannot be overstated. Over the years I have successfully treated many cases of gastrointestinal, respiratory, ear and sinus infections by finding the correct homeopathic remedy for the individual case at hand. Homeopathy is so safe that people can keep home remedy kits and treat their own minor illnesses at home when needed. 30C home remedy kits can be obtained from or (as well as other locations).

Homeoprophylaxis (HP): HP is a safe, non-injection technique for promoting immunity to specific infections, that has been around for over 200 years. At the Tenpenny Center we offer HP programs for many of the infections that are included in US vaccine programs. HP is also available for influenza and corona virus, and corona virus-like infections. Please contact the office if you want to access our corona virus and influenza HP nosodes.

Personal air purifiers: One more step you can take is to purchase a small air purifier to purify the space around you if you are in a crowded public space where people might be spreading unwanted germs. Models that hang around your neck on a cord are available on line.

It is my hope that this list of health-promoting measures will cut through the fear the mainstream media machine is trying to instill us, and help foster confidence in your ability to stay healthy. We are not meant to live in fear of every virus the media tell us about. We are meant to live freely, thrive, and pursue our passions. Here’s to getting beyond the hype and taking charge of our own health.

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