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Never Submit to Vaccine Mandates

Janet Levatin, MD, Holistic Pediatrician

Those of you who are paying attention to the issue of impending vaccine mandates, have surely noticed that things are changing rapidly. More states are losing their religious exemptions. Recently Maine and New York were added to West Virginia, Mississippi, and California as states with no parental right to decline vaccines. Together these states constitute about 20% of the U.S. population. Think about that for a minute: 1/5 of our population no longer has the right to say no to vaccines if they want to send their children to school.

Medical exemptions are also being attacked as state legislatures propose laws limiting a doctor’s authority to grant vaccine waivers for their patients with autoimmune, neurological, and other medical conditions that contraindicate vaccines. Medical establishments are being told to limit medical exemptions to those few people who fit the very narrow CDC guidelines. This means you must take vaccines unless doing so would kill you or come close to killing you.

I am offended both personally and professionally that a few people (our legislators) who are paid off by criminal entities (pharmaceutical companies) can get away with dictating our rights and telling us what we must do to our bodies and the bodies of our children (inject them with vaccines).

There is a lot of misinformation being spread by pro-vaccine advocates that inflates the seriousness of the infections we vaccinate for. This propaganda frightens people into submitting to vaccines they may not want, and also marginalizes parents who have chosen to not vaccinate their children, claiming that their healthy children may be spreading disease.

Misinformation propagated by the establishment is scaring people in more ways than one.

Some people who have not vaccinated their children are becoming frightened by the idea that they might catch measles, which is being promoted as a deadly disease (but is not). People are regularly asking me if they should get measles vaccines before going on vacation to a state where there have been a few cases of measles… or even to a state where there have no reported cases. Out society is needlessly alarming people to promote the pharmaceutical agenda.

Some parents are feeling pressured to vaccinate because they have been ostracized by family members who refuse to associate with the unvaccinated. They are being told they could be “spreading disease” even though you cannot spread an infection y0u don’t have and have not been exposed to.

Some parents who would prefer not to vaccinate are opting for a delayed or spread-out vaccination schedule. They believe it is better to start now and spread out the “required” vaccines rather than be in a position of having to give many at once if mandates go into effect in their state. People are submitting to medical procedures they do not want because they believe they have to.

All of these responses to mainstream media misinformation and approaching mandates make me feel very disheartened. Parents are being pressured into vaccinating by misinformation and fear-inducing tactics.

Here are some arguments to counter the propaganda:

  • Most of the infections we vaccinate for – measles, mumps, rubella, influenza, rotavirus, hepatitis A, chickenpox – are self-limited, short-term, and relatively trivial. Two others – hepatitis B and human papillomavirus [HPV] – are not acquired through casual, community contact and therefore will never be needed for “herd immunity.” And two more – diphtheria and polio – no longer occur in our country. So why do our legislators mandate toxin-containing vaccines for infections that will resolve on their own in a few days and infections where there is no way for children to contract?

  • Pertussis (also known as whooping cough), which is fairly common, is readily treated in most people, with the exception of very young infants. Unfortunately it is more common that it needs to be. Recent research revealed that the vaccine actually has negative effectiveness. Yes, those who receive the acellular pertussis vaccine (the “aP” in the DTaP vaccine) actually have a lifetime increased susceptibility to contrasting pertussis. Who in their right mind wants to increase the chance of contracting and spreading pertussis by accepting a faulty, ineffective vaccine?

  • Pneumococcal and Hemophilus influenza B bacteria can cause serious bacterial illnesses, but the incidence of these infections is quite low. Thanks to the Prevnar and HiB vaccines, strains of these bacteria not included in the vaccines and have become more prevalent and they are more resistant to antibiotics. Bacteria mutate and are changing faster that vaccine “scientists” can respond and produce new vaccines, leaving our population ultimately more at risk than they were before.

We must stand strong and fight to stop government/pharmaceutical mandates. Mandating elective medical procedures, or any medical procedures for that matter, has no place in our supposedly free society. People must NEVER submit to a procedure they don’t want for their children. This could be a decision they will regret for the rest of their lives. No one should be put in that position.

Instead of submitting to draconian vaccine mandates, we must collectively say NO and continue to say NO. We must do whatever it takes to protect our children and their futures.

Here are some ideas of what to do:

  • Fight against misguided bills by calling, emailing and visiting your legislators. We must make our views known in no uncertain terms. Network with and support organizations such as Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom ( or your state’s equivalent medical freedom organization.

  • Support organizations that are bringing lawsuits against corrupt companies and government agencies. If we keep chipping away at them, eventually they will have to tumble.

  • If your friends and family members are not in agreement on this issue, carefully consider just how important those relationships are. Develop a network of friends who are on the same page with you when it comes to this crucial issue.

  • Home school your children. If you can’t do it alone, form a home-school cooperative so that the schooling responsibilities can be shared among a group.

  • Consider leaving the US and expatriating. We are being pushed into a corner and it may involve escaping a tyrannical system to retain our rights to choose.

Whatever you do, do not bow to pressure to vaccinate your children if your decision is to not vaccinate.

Move to another country. Home school. Resist. Remember, any inconveniences that may result from not vaccinating are nothing compared to dealing with a profoundly vaccine injured child for the rest of your life, or dealing with the grief from losing a child, or other family member, to a vaccine.

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