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What are bioidentical hormones, and how can they help?

Bio-identical hormones were first created in the mid-1930s to assist women through estrogen therapies. These hormones are man-made and are meant to mimic the naturally produced hormones in your body. Since they are chemically identical, they are often used to manage symptoms in patients who struggle with hormonal disruption. Below, we’re discussing how bio-identical hormones can help in various conditions and how you can work with hormonal specialists to manage your symptoms — today.

How can bioidentical hormones help patients manage symptoms?

Bio-identical hormones step into your body’s natural processes, where your naturally produced hormones may not be performing effectively. Bio-identical hormones act as a supplementary agent that can amplify the effects of your body’s natural hormonal cycle, helping you to enjoy a higher quality of life. These types of treatments should be overseen by your healthcare professional. This type of treatment is considered to be very personalized and requires a nuanced approach for you to enjoy the greatest benefit. If you’re considering bio-identical hormone treatment, your first step would be to undergo a panel of tests to determine your deficiencies and areas of imbalance.

What conditions do bio-identical hormones treat?

There are many different conditions that may call for bio-identical hormone treatments. We’ve listed a few of them below:

● Menopause

● Pre-menopause

● Generalized hormonal imbalance

● Hormonal insufficiency

If you believe that you could benefit from this type of treatment, we recommend speaking to your medical practitioner. They can work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your concerns, using a holistic view and comprehension of your body to get you the most possible benefit.

Are bio-identical hormone treatments right for me?

If you’re noticing symptoms of imbalance, such as night sweats, irritability, mental health disturbances, or gastrointestinal upset, we recommend considering this type of treatment with your healthcare practitioner. You deserve to have the highest quality of life possible, which can be disrupted by the symptoms described above.

Hormonal disruptions can also be shown through other types of symptoms, including:

● Weight gain

● Fatigue

● Muscle weakness

● Heart arrhythmias

● Menstrual cycle irregularity

● Pregnancy difficulties

● Pregnancy losses

● Sexual dysfunction or pain

● Sleep disturbances

● Unexplained weight loss

● Fainting or lightheadedness

● Depression and anxiety

If you’re experiencing the symptoms above, it is essential to consult your practitioner and test for imbalances. This step can help you determine if there are any underlying conditions which may be contributing to your symptoms.

Hormonal specialists are available in the Cleveland area

If you’re looking for hormonal imbalance help in the Cleveland area, consider contacting the experts at Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center. We’ve served patients for over 25 years from all 50 states and several foreign countries. Our goal is to provide personalized, holistic care to patients looking for relief from their hormonal imbalances and health complaints. Connect with us today by visiting our website. You can also call the office directly at (440) 239-3438 for more information or to schedule an appointment. Our team looks forward to assisting you!

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