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System Clean Up with UBI Infusions

Are you feeling fatigued, having brain fog, and like your system is just not running as up to speed as it should. Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center has just introduced a new treatment, UBI/O3 Infusion Therapy, at our office. We are really excited about how many people and how many different conditions this IV treatment is going to help.

UBI stands for ultraviolet blood irradiation. These treatments were first used in the early 1900s to treat and eliminate nearly every type of infection. Over time, UBI was found to eliminate the symptoms - or completely eliminate - more than 130 different illnesses, including circulatory conditions, non-healing wounds, and a myriad of conditions associated with chronic inflammation. Symptoms associated with complications of the flu, such as persistent cough, long-term weakness, and new-onset autoimmune conditions, also improved with UBI. And the treatments were even more effective when a small amount of ozone was added to the IV solution.

It has been found over the many years of use, that adding a few ccs of ozone to the therapy significantly improves. Ozone is three molecules of oxygen. It occurs naturally in our environment and when added to the blood, it helps to increase oxygenation. Another benefit ozone therapy can offer is optimizing blood flow and increasing our body’s ability to absorb nutrients [1]

Sadly, after the discovery and widespread use of antibiotics in the 1940s, UBI therapy fell by the wayside. This non-toxic, effective treatment took a backseat to highly aggressive pharmaceutical drugs used to treat infections and illnesses that have now become associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. UBI treatments are safe and can be of great value when other treatments have failed to produce optimal results.

Now I am sure you are wondering how this process works. What is going to happen during this treatment? The process is quite simple:

  • During your treatment, an RN will start an IV and then will withdraw about 60 ccs of your blood into a syringe that contains heparin to keep the blood from clotting.

  • Your own blood is then added to a bag of saline solution.

  • The solution is then mixed with a small dose of ozone.

  • As your blood and the saline solution are dripped back into your arm, the solution passes through a specialized tube and passes through a machine, exposing your blood to heating ultraviolet type-B light that is distributed throughout your body, to clean your blood, help eliminate residual infection and decrease inflammation.

  • The entire process takes about 30 minutes but plan to be at the clinic for about an hour.

  • It is highly recommended that you completed a series of ten (10) treatments, two to three times per week, for optimal results.

Currently, you must be a patient at TIMC to obtain the UBI treatments. The good news is that our Doctors and Nurse Practitioners are available to see you as a New Patient to see if you're a good candidate for UBI infusions and to get you started.

Give our office a call our office, Monday through Friday from 9 to 5p to schedule a new patient appointment or schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consult to discuss if this treatment is right for you. Our number is 440-239-3438.

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