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"Dr. Jackson is such a kind physician! She has a wealth of information she shares with parents and has excellent bedside manner! She has seen all three of my boys now, and they all love her too! I'm so glad she's at your office now!"

E.Jackson, MD

Dr Jackson obtained her Doctor of Medicine degree at U.C. Davis California. She subsequently completed her residency training at Akron General, Center for Family Medicine.


Her approach to the practice of medicine is both holistic and comprehensive. Something she does with emphasis on prevention, health education, while addressing the root etiology and treatment of presenting medical conditions. Dr. Jackson is known to listen to her patients and carefully consider their input as she carefully addresses their concerns. She believes in shared medical decision making and treats each patient as a living multifaceted individual; not the subject of a “text-book”. Where it is indicated, Dr Jackson is certainly not afraid to think “outside the box”.


Dr. Jackson gladly sees individuals of all ages including, newborn babies.


The goal is fostering healthy patient-physician partnerships founded on trust, medical expertise, education and mutual respect. After all, we should treat others as we or our family would like to be treated.


As a side note, Dr Jackson believes it's always a “good morning” somewhere at all times; hence her favorite greeting of the day. So next time you visit our practice, do not be surprised to hear a resounding salutation of “Good Morning” in the middle of the day.

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