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"Carla is very caring and nurturing practitioner. I appreciate her knowledge and consistency of follow through in my healthcare!"

Cynthia R. - Columbia Station

Carla Cavanagh, P.A.

Carla Cavanagh was convinced of the effective healing options offered through integrative medicine when she sought relief from allergy related asthma symptoms as well as options on treatment for her young daughter’s medical diagnoses.


Carla’s medical background is a bit diverse. She is wrapping up nearly 40 years of service in the Army National Guard with the last 16 years as an aviation physician assistant. She is a retired firefighter paramedic and achieved licensure as a practical nurse (1993), physician assistant (1997) and massage therapist (1999) while continuing to work full time. 

While deployed in Iraq in 2009, persistent chronic pain in her flying population motivated her to research alternative treatment modalities and she began to independently study myofascial release, a connective tissue modality based in osteopathic principles. Upon returning home in 2010 she sought formal training in the modality and established her private practice in 2013 to concentrate on offering myofascial release exclusively, emphasizing not only the body, but the mind and spirit of the individual. 

Carla retired from the fire department in 2013 and has worked in both a small integrative osteopathic practice as well as University Hospital’s Connor Integrative Health Network (Now Connor Whole Health). She has pursued additional osteopathic training through the American Osteopathic Association, Michigan State University and the American Osteopathic Society of Integrative Medicine. 

Carla’s passions continue to be health and wellness from an integrative perspective, with special interests in allergy elimination, chronic pain and women’s health. Veterans issues are of particularly personal interest. Treating patients on the autism spectrum has been an ongoing interest since her daughter’s diagnosis as a child.

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