Doctor's Desk

What a great place for my kids!

“We love Dr. Levitan as our holistic pediatrician and now also as my homeopathic physician! She is very knowledgeable and takes a whole body approach that is so reassuring. We always receive outstanding care at Tenpenny IMC!” ~ Gina Jones


My thyroid issues are getting resolution

“Great experience. The staff spent nearly two hours with me, and listened to my long list of health concerns. I especially benefited from the Thyroflex test,  as it was able to pick up my low thyroid despite “in range” blood work at other doctors. Highly recommend! ” ~Meredith Parris


No Drug Can Compare

“My sinuses use to react severely to pollen and dust. Certain seasons made my sinuses go crazy. Now I enjoy every season. No more post nasal drip, nasal congestion and watery eyes. There isn’t a drug that works half as well as the SRT allergy elimination. Many of my friends and neighbors have children with pet allergies. Parents need to know you can help with these allergies too.”

~Karen D., Twinsburg

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

From Skeptic to Healthy Believer

“I was skeptical at first and didn’t pursue treatment at TIMC. However, after I passed the information on to a friend who subsequently obtained wonderful results, her success spoke volumes. The heartfelt plea from my friend to give you a try melted my remaining resistance. TIMC was the starting point of a journey that has spread well beyond improving my health.”

~Heidi H., Tionesta, PA.


No More Dairy and Egg Allergy

“My son had severe egg and dairy allergies. With the help of TIMC, I don’t have to be concerned about reading labels anymore. Hunter’s allergies are gone. We were excited about Christmas cookies this year because he could actually have some. Thank you!”

~Beth L., Strongsville


Eating Real Food Again

“I want to express my gratitude for the successful treatments I have received over the last six months. I was unable to eat most things and experienced a lot of discomfort. Now I can eat many normal foods without the stomach problems I’d had for many years. The TIMC team did such a marvelous job when they treated me. I really appreciate all that they did to help. I would recommend your treatments to anyone who is having trouble with food and environmental allergies. Life is much better! Thanks again, and God Bless.” ~Barb R., Findlay, OH