Specialized Tests

Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center offers a wide variety of integrative medicine tests that are generally not available through conventional medical practices. Your insurance may or may not pay some or all of the fees associated with these tests.

Click on the hyperlinks to learn specifics about the testing. Call 440-239-3438 for more information and pricing.

  • Adrenal Saliva Test

  • Breast Health Risk Assessment – Breast Thermography   learn more

  • Cardiovascular Risk Assessment  learn more

  • DirectLabs – order your test directly  learn more

  • Estrogen Ratio Testing  learn more

  • Functional Micronutrient Analysis  learn more

  • Hormone Testing and Balancing  learn more

  • Iodine testing: For thyroid imbalances and breast health  learn more

  • Thyroflex (non-invasive thyroid testing)   learn more

Blood Test