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The Benefits of Oats

In today’s world everything is on the go. We have a tendency to be in such a rush we skip meals or grab the alternative “easy” and unhealthy options to replace our meals. There are several benefits of eating oatmeal to start your day or as a snack. Don’t think of the old fashioned, plain, boring, and sometimes tasteless bowls of oatmeal your parents tried to feed you before school. Overnight oats and oat energy balls are the latest fad in the oatmeal world. If you are in the mindset of sparing a few minutes to meal prep, overnight oats may be the game changer you’re looking for. Oatmeal energy balls require a little bit of meal prep as well, but they’re more on the go friendly.

Gluten Free

If you’re gluten sensitive, or steer clear of gluten consumption, gluten free oats are an option.

Digestion and Constipation

Oatmeal aids in promoting healthy bacteria in the digestive tract and can help improve constipation as it is a great source of fiber.

Full and Focused

Eating oatmeal keeps you feeling full, so you don’t feel the need to snack between meals.


Oatmeal intake improves insulin response and helps maintain blood sugar levels. With that being said, you will want to eat oatmeal with little or no added sugars.


Some studies have shown that eating oatmeal can help improve “bad” cholesterol without affecting the “good” cholesterol. This is because of the beta glucan found in oats.


Trying to maintain your weight? Let’s revisit the fact that oatmeal keeps you full for longer. Feeling fuller helps avoid snacking and allows for better portion control.

Check out these recipes!

Overnight Oats in a Mason Jar:

½ cup oats (I use organic, gluten free oats One Degree Brand)

1 tbsp. chia seeds (Organic Mamma Chia Brand)

1 cup milk (I use almond milk)


1 tbsp. maple syrup

1 tsp. brown sugar


Refrigerate over-night.

Add any fresh cut fruit, granola, etc. as desired.

No Bake Energy Bites

1 cup oats

½ cup organic peanut butter

½ cup ground flaxseed

½ cup chocolate chips

1/3 cup organic honey

1 tbsp. chia seeds

1 tsp. vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients together and let set in the fridge for 30 minutes. Roll into small balls about 1”. Store in airtight container in fridge. Grab and go!

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