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"I’d been going to chiropractors for years and have met those that I consider very good, others that were no-so-good. Upon moving back to Ohio I found a chiropractor that I went to only twice. I felt my neck could be broken with his force. It scared me and I thought I would never see a chiropractor again. swore As the years passed my back was getting out of alignment where one day I just couldn’t ignore it anymore. Already a patient of TIMC, I felt maybe Dr. Grant would be a place to start. Great choice! Dr. Grant’s spinal manipulation is different and my worries of too much force were gone after my first visit. I recently had a sports injury where I twisted my knee. As a sports chiropractor he fixed it right up! Thanks Dr. Grant!”


-Jason W. through DemandForce testimonials.

Matt Grant, D.C.

Dr. Matt Grant is a chiropractor with a special focus on sports medicine and injured extremities. Dr. Matt will help to expand our pain management program and help with women`s and children`s athletic injuries.

Dr. Grant  obtained his undergraduate degree at Bowling Green State University and then went on to study chiropractic at Life University in Marietta, Georgia. After completing this training, Matt went on to become a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner, from the Council on Extremity Adjusting. He has been in practice since 2001 and has grown up understanding the benefits from chiropractic. In fact, when I first met Matt, he told me he was inspired to become a chiropractor after being a long-time patient of Tenpenny IMC`s founder`s dad, Dr. Alan Tenpenny.

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