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MammaCare® Method of Clinical Breast Examination

The MammaCare® Method of breast examination is unlike conventional exams in several respects. It is a carefully researched, systematic procedure that brings sensitivity trained finger pads in contact with every inch of the breast tissue. This can take several minutes. Do not be concerned; the exam is the most thorough you have ever had.

In addition to covering the entire breast, one of the defining features of the MammaCare® method is the emphasis on multiple pressures to insure contact with all depths of the breast tissue. This requires using deep pressure in some locations. If you experience any discomfort during this part of the exam, please give this feedback to the examiner.

The MammaCare® Method of self breast examination, called SBE, evolved from research to develop the CBE. After your exam, you may be interested in learning this method for yourself. Women are told to do self breast exams, but if you do not know what to feel for or the best way to do your exam, the exam will not be very beneficial. MammaCare® SBE enables a woman to exam her breasts with confidence. Training can raise the sensitivity of a women`s fingers to levels equal or better than the sensitivity of physicians who have not been trained in the MammaCare® method.