Iodine Food List

Food List for Increasing Iodine In Your Diet

High Iodine Foods

* Seafood and sea products: fish, shellfish, seaweed, seaweed tablets, kelp, seasalt
* Dairy products: milk, cheese, cream, yogurt, butter, ice cream.  Animals secrete  dietary iodine in their milk, animal feed often contains iodine, and iodine products are used to clean udders of cows
* Egg yolks and whole eggs
* Some bakery products (however, most have BROMINE instead…not good!)
* Chocolate and cocoa powder may have iodine
* Soy products contain some iodine
* Beans: red kidney, lima, navy, pinto and cowpeas
* Potato skins
* Rhubarb

Moderate Iodine Foods  Content of iodine vary

* Chicken, beef, pork, lamb, veal
* Rice
* Whole grains

Low In Iodine

* Fresh fruits and fruit juices, raisins, apples, grapes, melon, etc.
* Fresh vegetables
* Unsalted nuts and nut butters
* Oils and salad dressings

Taken from www.thyca.org food lists. Completed September 26, 2004